Brick Program

About the Brick Program
The Steveston Park Brick Program was initiated in 1999 as a millennium project. In addition to creating a permanent legacy which celebrates the people of Steveston on a personal level, it also served as a fundraiser to upgrade the playground adjacent to the walkway.

Although the original purpose for establishing this program has already been fulfilled, public interest in purchasing a brick is still strong, so the Steveston Community Society will continue to offer this opportunity for you to leave a lasting legacy in Steveston Park as long as there is demand.

Proceeds from the sale of Steveston Park Bricks will continue to support the on-going projects and programs of the Steveston Community Centre. Each brick is $100 (including GST). A portion of the purchase price is eligible for an official receipt for income tax purposes.

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Celebrate or remember with a permanent tribute etched in stone!

Thank you for your support!
Steveston Community Society
Board of Directors